R.I.P. Soul Cat

My heart hurts. My little soul cat Gucci died on 7th April 2014, hit by someone racing to get somewhere in a car.

I never knew a cat like her. She had so much affection and love to give. She cuddled up close whenever she could, and had taken to washing my face. She slept on my pillow most nights. She purred loudly in my ear and face, and spoke to me all the time. She followed me around and watched what I was doing. She was a very special cat. Most people commented how incredibly affectionate she was.

She had mixed pigmentation, which meant she had black pads on her paws on one side, and white pads on her paws on the other side. She had black whiskers on one side of her face, and white whiskers on the other side. Her fur was incredibly dense and soft, not like any cat’s fur I’ve ever known. She had a presence I’ve only known in one other cat. She was fully aware; we were soul cats together.

I remember choosing her at Cats Protection some years ago. I had looked once already, on a previous day, and couldn’t find her. I knew exactly what she’d look like. I knew she was there and waiting. She would be a tortoiseshell female, and I’d know her when I saw her. I went a week later, determined to find her. She was there, in one of the last cages, with her two brothers. Left by a family who had moved. She came forward in the cage to say hello, and her brother batted and scratched her with his paws and told her off. She came forward again when I said I wanted to meet her, and sat up on her hind legs to greet me. That was it. She was mine.

To the driver who hit her, broke her jaw and ultimately killed her, but drove off anyway without looking back: Wherever you are, you scum excuse for intelligent life, you will suffer torment and sadness. I promise it.

To all drivers reading this, remember there is nothing so urgent you need to speed around on streets, cut corners and bolt down residential roads. There are always consequences. Please drop your speed. And if you ever hit an animal, I would hope all my friends would have the respect and decency to stop and care for that animal to the best of their ability including taking it to a vet.


About Obscure Thing

Londoner. RHS trained Horticulturist. Vegan. BSc (Hons) Zoology with Film Studies.

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