Anti SeaWorld petition gathers momentum – Telegraph

I have been signing petitions, writing letters, sending faxes and emailing companies calling for an end to both the killing and live capture (kidnapping, let’s face it) of wild cetaceans in Japan, the Faroes and elsewhere around the world for a few years now. I’ve also signed numerous petitions asking $eaworld to accept its horrific part in the abuse and destruction of cetaceans and end their profiteering in the captive slavery of whales and dolphins. So far, these petitions have fallen on mostly deaf ears; and yet momentum for this cause is gathering pace as more and more of us ordinary people see clearly that humans cannot justify their ignorant and brutal tyrade against these magnificent mammals.

I’m so happy to see national press organisations finally covering these issues, as more of us ordinary people with a conscience get involved in the campaigns to end cetacean killing and slavery. The press have covered these issues quite well in the last year. The reason? Millions of us are involved now. Millions of us want this previously accepted and ignored violence and abuse towards some of the earth’s oldest, most emotionally and intellectually advanced inhabitants to finally end.

$eaworld continues to fight and flail while their profits fall and their share prices drop. They call us names like “extremist” and “minority”, whilst rallying their loyal band of ignorant supporters of cetacean captivity with doomed #IStandWithSeaworld Twitter campaigns. Do us a favour $eaworld. If you can’t accept the wrongs of the past and swiftly adapt (which you clearly can’t or you would have done that by now), then sit down and prepare for defeat. If you can’t admit that cetacean captivity and profit-mongering from years of stealing wild cetaceans from their families and abusing them to perform and generate more profit is, was and will always be morally and socially abhorrent and unacceptable, just go down quietly. Have some dignity in your final hours.

The future doesn’t include cetacean captivity. Any fool can see that. History will show $eaworld as murdering, irresponsible, profiteering slave-traders. The truth always floats to the surface; and the truth of cetacean captivity has finally been heard, seen and is beginning to be understood by all.

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