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Catch the (rejected) pigeon


So we rescued this beauty yesterday, who was tired, hungry and thirsty and had been hanging around work for days. A carrier pigeon that had lost her way, she landed at work and just hung around on the open ground with members of staff.

We were advised that the owner of this bird wouldn’t want her back because she had lost her way – if she was taken back they would simply wring her neck and discard. How nice of them? We fed her, but she was too exposed to predation where she was.

I was all set to take her home and try to keep her near the bottom of my garden, but with nothing to keep her in she was still exposed to predators. I had the idea to ask my mum to take her. She has a dove cote, and a large, sheltered garden. This little one looked like she’d appreciate a dove cote and some TLC.

She was boxed up yesterday and I got a text last night which read, “Pigeon sleeping on bed of bracken in dove cote with food and water. Is prob exhausted.”. So she’s slept on a bed of bracken! Sounds comfy to me.


Europe’s Largest Whale Museum To Open In Reykjavik, Iceland

An interesting one. Bit of a juxtaposition between Iceland’s continuing, stubborn refusal to end their whale hunting practices, and the tourist Krona they get from whale watching tours.

I’ve been to Iceland, and stayed in Reykjavik. It’s a confusing country. They are one of few countries to still hunt whales, yet they have great whale watching tours on offer (I went on one, and saw Minke whales and dolphins). The whale watching tour operators obviously don’t want whale hunting to continue there – they appeared to be true experts and lovers of whales, and ocean wildlife in general – and so they are at odds with the hunting industry (which is fully supported by the government). Numbers of whales off the Icelandic coast are on the decline. Whilst on our tour, the guide seemed genuinely concerned at a) bumping into a whaling ship on our travels and b) the lack of whales around at what should have been a busy period for the local whale populations.

If you go into restaurants in Reykjavik, there is whale meat on offer on almost every menu, yet they claim most Icelanders don’t eat it any more and it’s mostly tourists who buy and eat it (a lot of Japanese go here, just sayin’). And now they open a whale museum. Kind of reminiscent of Taiji, Japan. A strange disconnect between their killing the animal, and having a museum to marvel at it. Hello? Reality check calling. I think something has to give in Iceland, and I think it will be their whale hunting practices. Only a matter of time.

Urge President Obama to end the Navy’s deadly assault on whales

Exposing the Big Game

From  How many whales have to die before the Navy reins in its use of dangerous sonar and explosives during routine training and testing exercises?

Just recently, beaked whales mass-stranded and died — for the fourth time — on the beaches of Greece during U.S. Navy joint exercises offshore. Experts are alarmed that the region’s beaked whale populations are being decimated.

As Commander in Chief, President Obama can end the Navy’s deadly assault on whales right now with one stroke of his pen. But that is unlikely to happen unless hundreds of thousands of us make our voices heard loud and clear.

Tell the President to intervene immediately and direct the Navy to put vital whale habitat off-limits during routine training.

The Navy estimates it could kill nearly 1,000 marine mammals over the next five years during training and testing with sonar and explosives. There will be more than…

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Meatless Monday: Uncomfortably Aware — Our Food Choices, Sustainability and Dr. Richard Oppenlander

An article about sustainability and our food choices. Time to think about what you’re eating, and become responsible for your own and your planet’s future. Factory farming is the #1 cause of climate change and is causing irreversible damage to our planet.

Pools Of Death: Tell MGM Resorts That Dolphins Don’t Belong In The Desert

With video report by Martyn Stewart, who has been out there photographing and recording the dolphins’ daily activities, the people that work with them and the issues surrounding these captive dolphins.

The ridiculousness of keeping these mammals in pools amidst blazing desert heat, with no apparent shade or respite, has been revealed. The usual arrogance, lies, and lack of true knowledge of dolphin behaviour, habitat, social needs and full requirements is exposed here. Dolphins do not belong in tanks, no; but they belong in the desert, at the Mirage, even less so!

When are we going to make it illegal worldwide to hold these intelligent, socially complex mammals captive (along with all cetaceans)? When are we going to utterly condemn and eradicate the brutal, bloody whale and dolphin hunts around the world, many of which provide the captive cetacean industry with their next victims/slaves?

They suffer. We have a responsibility to stop it. Boycott marine parks. Boycott $eaworld. Boycott the Mirage in Las Vegas, and tell them why.

Devils Hole – Death Valley National Park (U.S. National Park Service)

Having spent over two hours today reading the entirety of the Death Valley National Park site, I’m now utterly fascinated by the flora and fauna of this strange place. I’d heard of Death Valley (everyone has, right?), but I hadn’t realised it’s the hottest place on earth. I didn’t realise people actually died there, every year, due entirely to the dessicating heat!

I had no idea how many specialised animals and plants lived there. The pupfish that exist in small areas of water in the park are each specialised to thrive in those specific bodies of water, much like Darwin’s finches in the Galapagos adapted to each island they inhabited. It’s incredible; one endangered subspecies of pupfish lives in saline, at constant temps of 92F. Whaaaat? They’re endangered due to…you guessed it, human activity. They’ve existed in this specific location for 10,000-20,000 years, until now. Another pupfish thrives in marsh that fluctuates in temperature, up to 107F, and in water that is 2.5 times more salty than seawater. That’s incredible evolution right there.

I’d love to go to Death Valley, and study the various animals and plants. Perhaps it will happen. What an amazing place!

Kendall Jones: Just another Pretty Psychopath

Exposing the Big Game

In way, I suppose we could feel sorry for Kendall Jones and people like her. Although74490788 she’s old enough to follow her daddy’s example as a conscienceless trophy hunter, she may too young and inexperienced in the ways of the world to understand how men really see her. Girls like that must not get that males— especially during hunting season, when their blood is up with the urge to kill—don’t really see them as equal hunting partners. They objectify them just as the girls objectify the animals they target.

On the other hand, as a cheerleader in Texas you’d think she’d be used to being leered at, drooled over and thought of only as an object. It would appear that killing animals and taking trophies of her own is a classic case of the mechanism known as transference of victimhood. (Transference of victimhood is a common coping mechanism for those…

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