Review: ‘Moo free’ crunchy banana bar


Moo-Free Chocolate Banana Bar

Having turned vegan five years ago, after over twenty years as a vegetarian, and as a definite chocolate addict, I’m pleased to see more vegan choc options becoming more readily available. It was getting a bit desperate at times. I was doubly pleased to find this one – ‘Moo free’ Crunchy Banana Bar – available at my place of work. Mainly because, if it’s good, I won’t have to do the otherwise usual exhaustive trek to find some vegan chocolate.

I have tried various other dairy-free chocolate bars and treats. Some are good, some are very good, and some are downright disappointing. Like, spit-it-out-and-wash-that-vile-taste-away-quick level of disappointing. Bleh. That variance in quality and taste can apply to any chocolate, however. I mean, American chocolate…that’s not chocolate! American chocolate is barely edible. (Only half joking.)

So, to this delightfully cheery-looking yellow packaging. I like the fact the front of the bar shows clearly that it is dairy-free, gluten-free AND vegan. Nice. Thank you. It makes life so much easier when stuff that is vegan is actually labeled as vegan. It’s surprising how much food isn’t labeled, when in fact it would be suitable. The back of the wrapper states it’s made in the UK. A bit of digging reveals they’re a company based in Reading, England. Their website is They’re on Facebook, etc. The back of the packaging also has the same dairy-free, gluten-free and vegan logos, along with an organic farmers & growers logo. Wow, these guys are impressive.

Hmm, whilst writing this, I’ve almost eaten the entire bar. Must be good?

The chocolate is rich, but surprisingly not that bitter for a dark chocolate. Quite sweet, but helped by the fact that the banana chips attached to one side of the bar are evidently unsweetened. Otherwise, this bar might have been too sweet. As it is, the sweet taste isn’t overwhelming, and feels nicely balanced between the chocolate and dried banana.

The crunch of banana chips against the smooth of choc works very well indeed. Texture is good. Not gritty, like some cheap dark chocolate can be. Smooth, not too smooth. The segments are about the right size, perhaps a little small; but I could just be a greedy pig who wants bigger chunks (obviously so I can share more with friends…).

I’d give this vegan choc bar an 8/10. Nice one!


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