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Idaho Allows Hunters To Stalk Wolves For 3-Day Derby


A Luxury Resort Threatens Belize’s Mesoamerican Reef

Who are these people, happy to crap all over pristine parts of our planet purely for PROFIT? We need far less of these people in this suffering world of ours.

Former Orca Hunter Releases Rare Footage Of Whale Captures

For all of those #IStandWithSeaworld zombies, and all those who claim Blackfish is full of lies, just open your eyes. Pull off those blinkers. Recognise the injustice and atrocity of putting these animals in tanks, and remember how they got there.

This is just heart breaking. There is no reason why cetaceans should remain languishing in tanks for human entertainment OR education. It is an outrageous arrogance that leads one species to steal another from their families, enslave them for decades and claim that it’s educational and “conservation”.

Highgate schoolgirl, 10, becomes poster girl of campaign to save Taiji Cove dolphins – News – Hampstead Highgate Express

I was born in Hampstead and grew up in Highgate and N. London in general North London girls are the best! This girl has the potential to wake a few more people up to the plight of dolphins in Taiji. Good for her!

Best Speech You WIll Ever Hear (Updated) -Gary Yourofsky – YouTube

If you’re vegan you’ve probably already heard this speech. You’ve probably also seen the anti-Yourofsky propaganda. As with all things, make up your own mind. Either way, great presentation.

Best Speech You WIll Ever Hear (Updated) -Gary Yourofsky – YouTube.