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NY Times Blasts Deplorable Norms Of Factory Farming

It just doesn’t bear thinking about; and yet that is exactly what we must do in order to get these places shut down. Confront the hellish reality – establishments that exist because we happily pretend they don’t – and expose the horrors. No one in their right mind would want to allow such places and people to continue their brutality and torture, inflicting misery and pain on innocent animals.

Red kite poisoned in Central Scotland – police decide not to publicise

Raptor Persecution UK

rk by David TomlinsonPolice Scotland has failed to publicise the illegal poisoning of a red kite which was found dead in central Scotland last July. That’s July 2014 – six months ago!

The only reason this crime has come to our attention is because it is included in the recently-updated quarterly reports by SASA – the Government agency whose job is to analyse carcasses for poisons.

This kite was killed by ingesting the banned pesticide Carbofuran. There are no other details, other than the carcass was recovered in central Scotland and the case is subject to an on-going police investigation.

Why didn’t Police Scotland issue a press statement? Sure, they might have chosen to delay it for a few weeks for operational purposes, e.g. if they were planning a raid on the premises then they wouldn’t want to alert the potential suspects in advance. But six months on and still silent? That’s pathetic.

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Company ordered to pay $90,000 for fishing in Ningaloo reef reserve | Australia news | The Guardian

It is high time there were serious financial and legal consequences for companies blatantly ignoring international regulations and laws regarding marine sanctuaries and protected habitats and species. This is a start.