Puget Sound killer whale pod gets new member, newborn calf – UPI.com

I’ve shared this news a week or so ago, but here is a new take on it. New hope with a newborn orca for the Puget Sound J-pod family, whose matriarch is the oldest known orca, at 103 years old.

J-pod were the target of $eaworld et al in the 60s and 70s, who kidnapped young orca from the pod, and killed others, during the capture process, subsequently attempting to hide the evidence. J-pod’s numbers have suffered since; the new baby is vital to the pod’s survival, and a source of hope for all conservationists wishing to see the pod’s numbers begin to increase and thrive.

The loss of salmon populations, due to overfishing and climate change, from their native waters is thought to be contributing to the pod’s struggle for survival.

Perhaps marine parks should consider contributing to efforts to conserve J-pod, and make amends for past wrongs. Perhaps such efforts would improve drastically dwindling public opinion of marine parks and orca captivity overall.



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