Ceta-Base: Drive Fisheries, Capture Results & Information

Here is the updated Taiji drive hunt statistics page from Ceta-base. It is depressing reading; these are shocking numbers. The animals Japan has killed are wild animals who are part of a larger ecosystem which we continuously disrupt and destroy. This is unacceptable slaughter of the world’s precious wildlife, and of sentient, intelligent, self-aware mammals.

Please help end the Taiji dolphin hunts. Join Ric O’Barry and the Dolphin Project on Facebook and Twitter. Follow the Sea Shepherd Cove Guardians on Facebook and Twitter. Contact Japanese embassies to formally demand they end the dolphin drive hunts. Contact celebrities to alert them to the Taiji dolphin drive hunts. Contact local and global media to demand they cover this issue. Come to protests against the Taiji hunts. Tell friends and family about the slaughter and ask them to do all of the above.

We need to end these cruel and horrific dolphin massacres and live captures – one day very soon, there may be no dolphins or small whales left in the world’s oceans. The question, then, will be: “What did we do to stop it?”



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