Ag-Gag Watch: Another State Introduces Unconstitutional Legislation

I find it shocking that any government would choose to bow to the agricultural lobby’s financial and political pressure and make it illegal to document and report failings in animal welfare, slaughter practice, hygiene standards and behaviour of staff at farms and slaughterhouses. Why wouldn’t you want these things independently monitored and open to public scrutiny? If agriculture has nothing to hide, why shut all the doors and windows to stop people from seeing the general day-to-day workings of a farm? Why effectively remove all standards and accountability by saying “No one can see or report on what happens here, regardless of what happens here”? This leaves agriculture free to break animal welfare laws, along with rules for standards in working conditions, and even, surely, takes away the ability for those on the inside to raise concerns and report on failings in these and other areas.

This is as far from public interest as it’s possible to get, and its a nightmare for animal welfare. Why would the US public allow this to happen? This is politically driven and has happened because agriculture and politics cross far too much for anyone’s good. The public have a right to know what happens in farms and slaughterhouses.

While farms exist, we have an obligation to animals to maintain the highest standards of welfare. High animal welfare standards on farms is surely directly linked to general hygiene standards and a high standard of working practice. I wonder what the standards really are in US farms if Big Ag is so desperate to shut down all scrutiny? Surely lower standards means much lower quality, more suffering, and the introduction of disease and illness in farm animals?

US agriculture has something big to hide. It looks like the US political system is firmly in their pockets and is helping them hide the atrocious truths inside America’s farms and slaughterhouses.

This is why, if you are at all politically minded and resent being manipulated and duped by a government and their conglomerate buddies, you vote with your mouth and stop eating meat. Problem solved. If everyone did that, agriculture would swiftly sit up and start doing what we tell them to do.


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Londoner. RHS trained Horticulturist. Vegan. BSc (Hons) Zoology with Film Studies.

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