The farming lobby has wrecked efforts to defend our soil | Environment | The Guardian

In relation to a previous post regarding big agriculture lobbying the US government to effectively silence all and any scrutiny and opposition to animal and farming standards and practice, here is an article by George Monbiot from last year’s Guardian highlighting just how pernicious and dangerous farming lobbys are and that it’s happening here in the UK.

Farming has enjoyed a level of respect and admiration for decades in this country; we were all taught from a young age to appreciate farmers and the hard work they do. “They provide us with our food”, teachers would say. “Farmers really care for their animals”, we heard. “They are the custodians of the land – they look after our beautiful British countryside”, we all bleated. Turns out that’s pretty much a pack of lies, peered at through rose-tinted spectacles circa 1947 (Agriculture Act).

I’m sure there are very small farms who still adhere to the old idea of having just a few animals and treating them well, to the end. There are organic farmers who work with soil, rather than against it. There are farmers who don’t support the persecution of our native wildlife on the grounds of “pest control” or any other ludicrous reason. But these rare farmers who try to maintain the highest standards, and truly care for the land and our wildlife, struggle because big agriculture sees to it that they do. The majority of the farming world are a blight, in my opinion, and ultimately have far too much power and poltical sway. Stop supporting them. Grow your own food. Buy organic. Go vegan.


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Londoner. RHS trained Horticulturist. Vegan. BSc (Hons) Zoology with Film Studies.

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