Chris Packham resigns from Hawk & Owl Trust

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chris packham hh day - CopyChris Packham has announced on Twitter that he has resigned his presidency of the Hawk & Owl Trust:

I this week resigned as President of the Hawk & Owl Trust. Very sad, I’d been a member since 1975“.

When asked why, he wrote this:

Personal differences over ideas of policy“.

Whilst not explicitly stating it, it’s more than likely that this relates to the Hawk & Owl Trust’s recent controversial move to push forward with hen harrier brood management. We blogged about our views on this ludicrous policy here.

Chris’s resignation reflects the strength of feeling of many within the conservation community. It seems fair to assume that the Hawk & Owl Trust has no plans to re-think its position (otherwise Chris wouldn’t have resigned) and that is both sad and incredulous.

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