Moses in the Bulrushes – a Cow and Her Calf | Earth in Transition

Moses in the Bulrushes – a Cow and Her Calf | Earth in Transition.

Cows have love and they do love. They love their babies. They want to keep their babies. The dairy industry repeatedly makes them pregnant, and repeatedly takes their babies from them. They put them in crates, young and alone, away from mum who calls for her baby, away from sunlight and all that is normal. They are slaughtered young, so that a human being can enjoy five minutes of taste in their mouth. Or they are simply shot, either in front of the mother, or soon afterwards.

What happens to a cow, emotionally, when this happens time after time? Do they learn that their baby will be taken next time? Will they display stressed and anxious behaviours, or even hide their babies in the hope of keeping them safe from the man who comes to take her babies away each time one is born? What makes us think all animals are so different from us? Read on!


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Londoner. RHS trained Horticulturist. Vegan. BSc (Hons) Zoology with Film Studies.

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