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Pilot whale killed by over 4kg of plastic items it mistook for food – The Rakyat Post – The Rakyat Post

Horrific. Each of us has the ability and the responsibility to clean up our act and stop using plastics! Demand paper packaging and less of it. Use hemp or cotton shopping bags (or boxes). Use/buy less of everything made of plastic! Our disposable attitude is disposing of everything that lives and matters on this planet, and it will dispose of us too. We must live sustainably.

Plastic bag lobby isn’t going down without a fight | Reveal

Corporate lobbying should be outlawed and shunned as completely anti-progress. Any process that is designed to aid profit to the detriment of public health or environmental protection should go.

Derbyshire badgers ‘hit with spades’ in sett attacks – BBC News

This is the county I live in. Two years ago, it was (and still is) illegal to interfere with a badger sett, and that was mostly respected. Badgers are a protected species in the UK. However, since DEFRA decided to make badgers a scapegoat for dairy farmers’ sliding standards of hygiene and care, by solely blaming badgers for the spread of bTB, landowners, terriermen, hunters, farmers all want a piece of badgers’ hides and are killing them in increasing numbers.

DEFRA are responsible for the now obvious persecution of this native animal. Recent cull trials showed badgers rarely carry bTB, and yet DEFRA and their farming chums at NFU are still determined to eradicate this animal, despite all of the science against their campaign of blame.