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INFOGRAPHIC: Our ocean plastic problem is quickly spiraling out of control | Inhabitat – Sustainable Design Innovation, Eco Architecture, Green Building


Sea Shepherd Global – Amazing Operation in the Red Sea

I’m proud to be a Sea Shepherd onshore volunteer. Sea Shepherd are one of a small handful of truly proactive conservation organisations in the world, prepared to go to almost any lengths to defend, conserve and protect wildlife and our precious planet. They are the biggest and the best at what they do.

New York blood centre leaves chimps to die after research has used them up.

This news is shocking and beyond contempt. Perhaps this displays the level of regard such an organisation has for these (and any) animals used in laboratories? Tested on, and then dumped to fend for themselves once they have outlived their usefulness as a test subject.

10 essential items you need to create a natural medicine cabinet & how to use them | Inhabitots

With the terrifying increase in antibiotic resistance, and drug companies’ total neglect in creating new antibiotics because they’re not “profitable” (sorry, I forgot lives aren’t profitable) we will all need to re-learn plant-based medicines and remedies. Here are a few for the medicine cabinet.

Every bear I treat is an individual. They feel pain, joy and they make choices | Jen O’Dwyer | Comment is free | The Guardian

I would love to do this job when I get that degree in Zoology. Amazing work that makes an unimaginable difference to each bear rescued and treated. Well done again to Animals Asia. Such an incredible (and incredibly well run) organisation.