Police launch investigation after finding 16 fox cubs in a Ryedale barn (From Gazette & Herald)


I suppose most members of the general public would be surprised to know that many hunts actually breed foxes to set a trail and send the hounds out. They actually set up a trail and kill foxes in this way. This is not “vermin control” or “pest control” or “tradition”, and it certainly isn’t morally or ethically acceptable in ANY way. Can we just leave this bloody barbaric behaviour in the past, once and for all? After all, the vast majority of the British public (and, yes, this includes the majority of those who live in the countryside) don’t want the fox hunting ban repealed. We want it to remain illegal, and we want it to be enforced (unlike the current situation).

Those whining about losing their freedom and right to persue a traditional country persuit can still ride a horse, go for a walk, shoot clay pots…whatever. Just leave the damn killing to the psychopaths of the world. Oh, wait.


About Obscure Thing

Londoner. RHS trained Horticulturist. Vegan. BSc (Hons) Zoology with Film Studies.

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