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Demand Justice for Cecil the Lion’s Killer | Care2 Causes

I think we’re all in shock and mourning the loss of Cecil the beautiful black-maned lion in Zimbabwe, his untimely death botched by a white, entitled American who used a compound bow to fire at Cecil after he was illegally lured out of the reserve. He took 40 hours to die, only because the shot injured but didn’t kill, and it then took them two days to find him again and shoot him dead. Utterly vile, despicable actions by this American asshole and his two hunting ‘guides’.

His cubs will now probably be killed by a rival lion. An entire generation lost. This iconic lion was collared and tracked as part of a research project in the UK. They have lost yet another of their research lions to yet another asshole trophy hunter.

Please let’s just ban trophy hunting. Get rid of these sick people with their perverse need to kill wildlife.


Breaking News: Nepalese Organizers Announce an End to the World’s Bloodiest Animal Sacrifice Spectacle · A Humane Nation

This is a wonderful and amazing result! It proves – despite nay-sayers and those with no conscience or compassion – that petitions, protest, global exposure and condemnation and a ton of pressure can create beautiful and positive change for the better! Kudos to all who helped create this change. This horror has been banned. Let’s keep it that way.

There are so many more horrors to end…

Smart Move: Disney Drops Faroe Islands Whaling Site From Cruise Route–529059318.html

Smart move. Perhaps a global ban (extending to a boycott?) would be the motivation required for the Faroese to end their whaling ‘tradition’ once and for all?

Court clears landowner of assault on hounds, horses and hunt followers | UK news | The Guardian

Much respect and admiration for this land-owner, who appears to have stood his ground in the face of quite a disturbing level of high-handed strong-arming, finally using the law as a means to try to intimidate him into submission. The judge in this case clearly wasn’t under the hunt’s influence and ruled in his favour. It makes a pleasant change to see justice prevail. The next step must surely be for this brave land-owner to press charges against the hunt for trespass and damages.

This Devon-based hunt have evidently trampled onto someone’s land while a hunt is in progress. The owner of the land appears to have previously denied them access to his land for hunting purposes, but they have completely disrespected his refusal and arrived anyway. This suggests either a) the hunt could not control their hounds while trailing a scent (which would be usual) or b) they completely disregarded his wishes as the owner of the land and the hunt master decided they would go into his land regardless. Both scenarious are likely as this is the standard attitude of the sorts of people who populate a hunt; arrogance and ignorance in equal measure.

The hounds have apparently terrified children and attacked the owner’s cats and dogs, which again is standard behaviour, sadly. Too many cats and pet dogs have been attacked and terrorised (some have been killed) by out-of-control hounds while a hunt is in progress. It happens. More of those affected by idiotic hunts should report and prosecute for damages.

What stands out in this case is that the hunt have gone on a defensive attack of the land owner, to the point of pressing charges against him for demonstrating anger at the fact that they were there causing damage and terrorising his pets. They have caused him further undue and unacceptable stress and worry (of a court case) because he dared to refuse and then demanded they remove themselves and their hounds from his land. What does that tell us about the kind of person who is a hunt member/follower? These people are bullies. They intimidate others with threats and shows of superiority and entitlement. They appear to have the attitude that they can do what they like, wherever they like.

There is mounting video evidence of the same level of stupidity and arrogant behaviour of those who choose to hunt foxes, hares and various other native wild mammals (and trail with hounds). You will see a hunt master pulling a pack of hounds across a busy A-road, fully expecting all traffic to come to a stop for them. When hounds get hurt on roads he will blame the road-users (or following hunt sabs) and not the hunt. Hounds attack pet cats on a frequent basis. A hunt will seemingly always infer it is the cat-owners fault for not getting the cat out of harm’s way, and not the hunt itself.

Fox hunting and hare coarsing are outdated and barbaric ‘traditions’ and must be forced to die a miserable death, then consigned to the history books, much like a few other equally barbaric ‘traditions’. In the last forty years, we have lost half of the world’s wildlife. Speaking as a student of Zoology, I do not want nor expect to see that further decline as a direct result of wildlife persecution at human hands, yet that is precisely what is happening. In any situation where human behaviour deliberately impacts on wildlife numbers, such as fox hunting and hare coarsing (hunting with dogs), I believe we have every responsibility to ban and enforce the relevant laws to stop it continuing.

Unfortunately, the same entitled, arrogant bullies who run and attend hunts also appear to control (or at the very least have direct access to) local police. As a result, they will usually pull police in during a hunt in progress to intimidate and ‘control’ any hunt saboteurs following the hunt – the same hunt saboteurs who are attempting to enforce the laws on hunting with dogs! This is the utter irony and outrage of the skewed and poorly-enforced hunting ban in the UK. Hunts still use hounds to hunt foxes, under the guise of trail hunting or drag hunting, and they use our police (paid for with our taxes) to prevent sabs from enforcing the hunting laws. This is what we are fighting. This is the situation we are in with regards to hunting and hunters in the UK, and something has to give. The tossers in fancy dress on horseback need to go!

More land owners must have the strength and conviction to stand up to local hunts and refuse access. Those against hunting must speak out more and defend those who have been intimidated or affected by a hunt rampaging across their land and property, or attempting to bully a land owner into submission, as this article highlights.