Faroe Islands – Grindadrap 23.07.2015





There is no need for this horror anymore. It is not ‘subsistence fishing’, an apparent excuse a few countries keep waving around to try to justify their barbaric whale slaughters. Our oceans are screwed and struggling as it is – cetaceans need help to survive, not the continued ritualistic mass slaughter of entire pods (unique genetic lines wiped out in one night).

The meat is tainted with high levels of mercury. It is not even fit for human consumption; the meat has been condemned by various medical professionals as unsafe to eat. Younger generations living there eat it very rarely, if at all. So why?

Children are taken onto the beaches during the Grind and encouraged to sit on the mutilated carcasses of dead whales after they’ve been slaughtered. Pregnant female whales are killed and have their unborn calves cut out of them. Young and babies are slaughtered alike. There is graphic photographic evidence of all and more – you only need to look. I have spared readers that much.

Denmark are helping the Faroese fishermen continue their pilot whale slaughtering “tradition” because they don’t want to rock the boat (so to speak) and lose the Faroes to independence. Last year, the Faroese leaders introduced new laws specifically designed to prevent Sea Shepherd members interfering with the Grind. So in the last few days Denmark have arrested Sea Shepherd members who were/are trying to prevent the round up and slaughter of what has been over a hundred pilot whales tonight alone. In the process, Denmark are in breach of EU regulations on whaling, not that this has stopped them before.

This is brutal and utterly unnecessary. The blood in the water speaks for itself. Horror manifest in the supposedly peaceful and picturesque Faroe islands. I will never visit and will speak out while this vile “tradition” continues.

Photographs courtesy of Sea Shepherd Conservation. Read more here.

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