Do not disturb! Persecuting badgers may perpetuate TB hotspots – The Ecologist

In the UK, the conservative government’s insistence on persecuting badgers on behalf of their friends, the National Farmers Union, is backfiring.  They have attempted to turn badgers and other wildlife into scapegoats for farmers’ incredibly poor hygiene and farming’s negative impact on animal health (including native wildlife animals) in general. Persecution of wildlife by the traditional farming industry is never a new thing.

The insanity of a badger cull to apparently control bTB is becoming more widely recognised. There are far too many reasons – most highlighted or backed by the scientific community – why a cull of badgers to control TB in cattle is a terribly misguided and unjust move. Scapegoats are never a solution to a problem; any farmer backing a cull of badgers is hiding/running from the true causes of bTB.

Stop the unjust and unscientific cull.


About Obscure Thing

Londoner. RHS trained Horticulturist. Vegan. BSc (Hons) Zoology with Film Studies.

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