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Vast Amazon wildfire destroys forest in Brazil and threatens uncontacted tribe

Vast Amazon wildfire destroys forest in Brazil and threatens uncontacted tribe

“The blaze, which has burned for two months on indigenous land and spread across 100km at its peak, is suspected to have been started by illegal loggers.”

This is utterly heartbreaking. Those responsible are the worst criminals; they have destroyed something more precious than all of the riches in the world.


Animal Aid: The Case For Mandatory CCTV In UK Slaughterhouses

This footage was taken by undercover volunteers in UK slaughterhouses between 2009 and 2014. It seems that every time undercover footage is taken in slaughterhouses (worldwide) welfare laws are seen to be blatantly flouted and horrific animal abuse appears to be widespread. There is little to no respect for these animals’ last hours and minutes alive. They are often seen to be beaten and punched, kicked and thrown around. These animals are at our mercy. They do not want to die and yet they will, often with very violent ends.

The UK government can stop this. They can enforce welfare laws and ensure that slaughterhouse workers are monitored at all times, with evidence to prosecute should laws be broken.

Why don’t they want this? Who benefits from a lack of CCTV in slaughterhouses? Not the consumer. Not the animals. Slaughterhouse businesses? Slaughterhouse workers? Government? Society? Me? You?

Please send your MP a letter asking them to sign EDM153 via this link (Animal Aid).

The case for mandatory CCTV:

“Between 2009 and 2014, Animal Aid filmed secretly inside ten randomly chosen UK slaughterhouses. We found evidence of cruelty and lawbreaking in nine of them. The problems are serious and widespread. Our films revealed animals being kicked, slapped, stamped on, and picked up by fleeces and ears and thrown into stunning pens. We recorded animals being improperly stunned and coming round again, or suffering painful electrocution instead of being stunned. We filmed animals deliberately and illegally beaten and punched, pigs burned with cigarettes, and the throats of conscious animals being repeatedly hacked at. None of the illegal acts we filmed were detected by the on-site vets or the slaughterhouse operators who have ultimate responsibility for animal welfare. That’s why we need CCTV.” (Animal Aid, 2015)

Animals are still used in gruesome stroke research | Cruelty Free International


Lab research is a moral and ethical minefield. Many will correctly argue that, without using animals in research, we would not have discovered many of the cures and treatment methods we have now. However, that presumes we would not have found alternative/better treatments using other (non-animal research-based) methods. Many of our greatest medicines are either originally naturally sourced (plants, minerals etc.) or were discovered through observation of natural phenomena in a non-experimental setting. We now disregard too many natural sources, and have destroyed others before they could ever be discovered.

I think most would agree that pharmaceutical companies are trillion dollar conglomerates with far too much power and influence. They now control our lives when we are sick, and can dictate life or death by how much we are willing/can afford to pay to live.

And, of course, the bottom line is that – long ago – we abused our power and presumed to have control over all other animals’ lives, and we still presume that power. I don’t belive that we have the right to inflict suffering on other species for our benefit. Who are we to torture, abuse and painfully take innocent lives? The mentality that this behaviour is acceptable is the mentality of psychopaths.

We should support and heavily fund all new non-animal research-based methods of finding new medicines. There are plenty of good organisations and research bodies looking at and using new methods. The Dr. Hadwen Trust is one of these and is well worth supporting.

The race to fish: how fishing subsidies are emptying our oceans

Continuing on a theme regarding over-fishing, this article discusses the massive fishing subsidies we hand over every year which fuel the violent emptying of our seas and destruction of marine ecosystems.

Only 4 percent of the ocean is protected: UBC research | EurekAlert! Science News

With just 4% of the world’s oceans classified as protected, it seems there is a lot of conservation work to do. Not just conservation work out in the field, but amongst governments and in changing laws and creating acts and bills to protect precious marine habitats.

Pumpkin and Roasted Corn Soup | FatFree Vegan Kitchen

Another delicious seasonal vegan recipe! Can be easily adapted for those (like me) in the UK.

10 Delicious Vegan Main Dishes for Christmas | One Green Planet

These vegan Christmas day main meal recipes all sound and look so good. It’s that time of year where we might start to think about what we’ll be eating on Christmas day… No? Just me? Well, I’d like to be eating at least one of these delicious meals. So, Christmas meal prep stage complete. Now I just have to convince my mother to make one of them for me!

Swordfish | Oceana Europe

More overfishing research, this time Swordfish numbers are in trouble. Reported by Oceana.

“Intense and unregulated fishing pressures over the last three decades have led this species to a dire situation in the Mediterranean Sea with few chances to recover.”