Cheese Addiction?

In light of recent research published on the addictive qualities of cheese (casomorphin) I think this article highlights how addictive many other foods might also be. From personal experience, however, I found cheese the hardest thing to crack (pardon the pun) when going vegan. It took me two weeks to stop craving cheese! I genuinely craved that stuff.

Maybe casseine is designed to be addictive to baby cows to encourage them to feed. Maybe adult humans are weaned and should not be drinking the baby milk of another species. Just a suggestion.

Skeptical Vegan

It is common to hear claims in the vegan community that milk & cheese are literally addictive and contain a morphine-like substance, for many this factoid has become so ubiquitous  that it is generally taken as an accepted scientific truth. But what is the actual evidence for this claim?

One of the main proponents of this claim is Dr Neal Barnard who heads up the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine (PCRM). Barnard has gone so far as to claim that cheese “can be as addictive as morphine” and referred to it as “dairy crack”. Barnard’s premise in Breaking the Food Seduction is that not only is the food addiction model correct (still a contentious issue in itself) but that it is not, as hypothesized, merely due to endogenous biochemicals acting on reward pathways in the brain but also due to the fact that many foods such as dairy, chocolate, and…

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