Wolf trapping – A diary of moving from East London to Montana

A fascinating read. I will never, ever understand hunters of any kind. Their logic and ethics are utterly skewed. 

But I learn that Jim Posewitz is that uniquely Western American who has made it his life’s work to improve ‘the image of hunting with an emphasis on fair chase ethics’ and has focused ‘on putting hunters at the forefront of our nation’s conservation ethic.’ He’s exactly the sort of person I find impossible to understand. Is it just semantics? When he talks of conservation, does he mean the conservation of a way of life based on when the trapper ruled and the West was won by guys who slept under the stars dreaming of the dead wolves at their feet the next morning? As Rick Bass says about hunters in his book The Ninemile Wolves, ‘there’s nothing harder to stereotype than a “hunter”.’ I would add that this is also true of trappers: they claim to love the wilderness, they call themselves sportsmen, outdoorsmen, and yet they are happy inflicting pain on animals in return for the price of their fur. Most hunters eat their prey, whereas trappers do it for money.”



About Obscure Thing

Londoner. RHS trained Horticulturist. Vegan. BSc (Hons) Zoology with Film Studies.

2 responses to “Wolf trapping – A diary of moving from East London to Montana”

  1. mainstreetuk says :

    Hello there, I am touched that you have used a piece of my writing on your blog (and called it a fascinating read!). The piece was also published on the Dark Mountain Project website (http://dark-mountain.net/blog/congregation-total-chaos-and-greed-on-trapping-wolves-in-montana/) which is a great site for environment-realted writings and general intelligence. Good luck in all your pursuits. Kind regards, Joanna

  2. Obscure Thing says :

    I really like your writing style. It was brave of you to book a place on a course full of trappers in order to try to understand the people and their thinking – journalism at its best. 😊 It provides some great insight into the mindset and the obstacles to possible change. They’re clearly wary of anyone with differing values? Thank you for the link! I will check out the site.

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