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The seven big decisions made at the Cites global wildlife summit

The seven big decisions made at the Cites global wildlife summit


The effects of trophy hunting on five of Africa’s iconic wild animal populations in six countries – Analysis – Conservation Action Trust

“The analysis will reveal that trophy hunting is an activity that fuels corruption, it encourages the unfair redistribution of the wealth generated without adequate involvement of communities, causes the loss of healthy individuals that are still key for reproduction and social cohesion and, most damagingly, contributes to the decline of all five species considered in this report.”

The elephant, rhino, leopard, cheetah  and lion are the five African species considered in this report, which refutes a previous report which stated that trophy hunting provided revenue for the country and its communities and aided conservation. Ten years on and this is found to be thoroughly inaccurate.

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Speech by Philip Wollen. Art by Jo Frederiks.

Are you vegan yet?

Africa’s Imperiled Wild Lions Don’t Need Petting and Walking Operations/Africa’s Imperiled Wild Lions Don’t Need Petting and Walking Operations/Os Ameaçados Leões Selvagens de África Não Precisam de Festinhas e Passeios | National Geographic (blogs)

A corrupt and shady business that is not helping Africa’s desperate conservation needs at all and steals vital tourist money away from real conservation projects.

The unregulated practice of ‘walking with lions’ and petting lion cub ventures in africa – under the guise of lion conservation – is putting real lion conservation at serious risk, creating a pool of unwanted older lion cubs and potentially fueling more demand for lion parts within the Asian animal parts markets. These ventures needs to be banned, tracked down and crushed.