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Peer reviewed study shows non-lethal deterrents effectively protect livestock from wolf predation

The science is there. Will governments and hunters pay any attention to it?


BBC News – India’s dying mother

A fascinating piece on the river Ganges in India and the varying ways in which it has become one of the most polluted rivers on the planet. Leather tanneries are a prime cause of carcinogens and rotting animal matter polluting the Ganges, along with human sewage and burnt, rotting human bodies.

Despite all of the vile toxins put into the river, and the horrifying amount of water taken out of the water table, Ganges river dolphins tentatively remain in smaller and smaller numbers in the great river. I truly hope that India can clean up its vital life source. Shutting down its entire leather industry would be a great start. What a disservice we do to animals and the planet in so many perverse ways.

Vets are denied access to abattoir footage | | The Times & The Sunday Times

“More than 30 slaughterhouses are refusing to let official vets view CCTV footage of animals being killed, prompting concerns that they are hiding illegal acts of cruelty.”

Why? It does not take a genius to work this out. And what are “illegal acts of cruelty” anyway, in contrast to legal acts of cruelty? Vivisectionists commit legal acts of cruelty as a matter of course. Why are we as a species still perpetuating this abominable treatment of other animals every single minute of every single day? Don’t be a part of it. It’s not logical, it’s not ethical, it’s not ok.

Watch “Animal Rights.” on YouTube

Speech by Philip Wollen. Art by Jo Frederiks.

Are you vegan yet?

‘Carnivore cleansing’ is damaging ecosystems, scientists warn

‘Carnivore cleansing’ is damaging ecosystems, scientists warn

Predator persecution is not acceptable. Without human intervention ecosystems function just fine, with species numbers keeping their own checks and balances. Hunting and farming are having a seriously detrimental effect on ecosystems. This message can’t be said or shared enough times.

Unfortunately, from my experience of discussions on the subject, hunters don’t appear to be the most open-minded groups of people and tend to conveniently believe and regurgitate the myth that hunting equals conservation. This extends, of course, to trophy hunters who like to claim their hunting of Africa’s top predators somehow equates to a great humanitarian effort for the people in the region.

Scientific culling doesn’t help the argument against killing predators as it muddies any message that ecosystems should ideally be left to their own devices and species should not need to be ‘managed’ by humans. Culling is often then used as an excuse to kill any number of species. Ultimately, it’s up to governments to end hunting of all species all together.

I tend to feel any hunting equates to simple blood lust and the perverse enjoyment of killing (which clearly indicates psychotic tendencies), along with a greedy and short-sighted desire to clear more land or manage land upon which we rear non-native, intensively farmed animals (this includes grouse shooting in the UK, as the persecuted hen harrier population demonstrates).

I know that I would far rather see flourishing ecosystems and wholly natural spaces than acre upon acre of barren landscape dotted with cows or sheds full of meat industry slaves.

Cadbury’s calves shot to feed hunt’s hounds | UK | News | Daily Express

The facts of life on dairy farms. Male calves shot at birth because they can’t be milked as adults. What a vile industry we’re all funding…

Animal Aid: The Case For Mandatory CCTV In UK Slaughterhouses

This footage was taken by undercover volunteers in UK slaughterhouses between 2009 and 2014. It seems that every time undercover footage is taken in slaughterhouses (worldwide) welfare laws are seen to be blatantly flouted and horrific animal abuse appears to be widespread. There is little to no respect for these animals’ last hours and minutes alive. They are often seen to be beaten and punched, kicked and thrown around. These animals are at our mercy. They do not want to die and yet they will, often with very violent ends.

The UK government can stop this. They can enforce welfare laws and ensure that slaughterhouse workers are monitored at all times, with evidence to prosecute should laws be broken.

Why don’t they want this? Who benefits from a lack of CCTV in slaughterhouses? Not the consumer. Not the animals. Slaughterhouse businesses? Slaughterhouse workers? Government? Society? Me? You?

Please send your MP a letter asking them to sign EDM153 via this link (Animal Aid).

The case for mandatory CCTV:

“Between 2009 and 2014, Animal Aid filmed secretly inside ten randomly chosen UK slaughterhouses. We found evidence of cruelty and lawbreaking in nine of them. The problems are serious and widespread. Our films revealed animals being kicked, slapped, stamped on, and picked up by fleeces and ears and thrown into stunning pens. We recorded animals being improperly stunned and coming round again, or suffering painful electrocution instead of being stunned. We filmed animals deliberately and illegally beaten and punched, pigs burned with cigarettes, and the throats of conscious animals being repeatedly hacked at. None of the illegal acts we filmed were detected by the on-site vets or the slaughterhouse operators who have ultimate responsibility for animal welfare. That’s why we need CCTV.” (Animal Aid, 2015)

Fears grow over increased antibiotic resistance – BBC News

The primary cause for increasing antibiotic resistance is factory farming, which uses incredible amounts of these vital, miraculous organic discoveries that kill off bacteria and clear up infections which would otherwise kill (potentially) millions of us off every year.

The time for widespread use and abuse of antibiotics in intensive farming has long since gone! Their use has maintained an inhumane, disgusting level of intensive farming of animals who would otherwise become even more highly susceptible to illness and disease due to the unnatural levels of growth bred into them and fed to them, and the high levels of stress (and misery) all intensively farmed animals experience.

Do we want cheap meat in ridiculous and unhealthy abundance, or do we want to stay alive and not see our loved ones die in horrific ways which, forty years ago, could have been prevented with antibiotics? The choice is ours.

There should be no excuse or allowances made anymore for this outrageous overuse and dangerous abuse of antibiotics by the farming industries.