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Why do cats purr? – Scientific American

I just find this fascinating. There is so much we don’t understand about so many species, including our own.


Malaysia passes Animal Welfare Act 2015 – Channel NewsAsia

Always good news when a country decides to punish animal abuse. China desperately needs to step up now. Their animal welfare is non-existent.


Shame it’s just Nevada, and not the entire world. In fact, skip that. How about we stop using animals in research?

600 Million Dogs | The Cure for Animal Overpopulation

600 million stray dogs in the world, and rising. Why are we still breeding so many? Control is desperately needed! For the sake of the millions of unwanted and thrown away lives…

A Vegan Diet (Hugely) Helpful Against Cancer

In light of new research published today, revealing that half the UK population will develop cancer at some stage in their lives, here’s an article from 2013.

Drop cruel cancer research on animals; adopt a vegan diet and encourage everyone else to do the same.