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In 30 years asian-pacific fish will be gone and then we’re next

Turns out there aren’t plenty of fish in the sea.

Recent evidence suggests humans evolved their big brains not on a diet of red meat after all, but on a diet of fish. Yes, fish is a great source of protein for all animals. Yes, unaffected by microplastics, pollutants and heavy metals, fish is good for us, ‘us’ being the ever-increasing human population of 7.6 billion and rising (and let’s face it, fish is no longer safe to eat).

Plenty of marine conservation organisations, such as Sea Shepherd, have been saying for decades that while we allow industrial trawlers and fleets of thousands of unregulated fishing boats to ravage the oceans with trawler nets and insidious ghost nets, fish stocks will collapse and there will be devastating implications for all marine life and human populations that rely on fish as a source of protein. Even some marine conservation orgs hadn’t fully understood the role that overfishing plays in the decimation of the oceans – and its impact on local human populations – and are still not condemning overfishing or advising their relatively affluent members to cut out fish from their diets as an effective way of ending their contribution to the terrifying problem of global overfishing.

Anyone can stop contributing to ending overfishing by not eating fish, wherever you are in the world, and by writing to relevant businesses and governmental departments (and your MP), and by boycotting companies which contribute to global (and local) overfishing.


100s of dolphins tortured in Japan in alarming Facebook Live stream

And so the vile, arrogant brutal atrocities in the cove in Taiji, Japan continue, year after year, while the world remains blissfully ignorant of the evil these men do for six months of every year to migrating cetaceans unfortunate enough to swim past this little cove off the southern peninsula of Japan. Money is made, greed is satiated, murderous killing occurs and the world’s precious wildlife is decimated by Japan. When will this be called out and stopped as the heinous, greedy, short-sighted, violent, cruel and unacceptable activity that it is?

Dolphins escape from Taiji facility in Japan – BBC News

It’s so tragic that these animals are so traumatised and conditioned to rely on handouts for resources that they gain their freedom after someone cut the nets and they don’t know what to do with it. Awful breaking of a wild animal’s autonomous, free spirit.

The Toll of Dolphins Under Siege in Taiji | The Huffington Post

Thanks to Huff Post for sharing the plight of Taiji dolphins with its readers. It’s actually six months of every year that the Japanese fishermen commit these heinous crimes against nature and allow greed and ignorance to rule the town of Taiji, Wakayama Prefecture. Half of every year they slaughter dolphins. It should be absolutely illegal to do what they do but instead they get rich from selling those they spare from the butcher’s knife to marine amusement parks around the world. 

Don’t visit dolphin shows. Your ticket funds this massacre in Japan every year. Supply and demand; stop demanding dolphins entertain us, they’ll stop taking them for captivity and killing the rest.

Iceland feeling pressure to address whaling | IFAW – International Fund for Animal Welfare

Having just returned from my second visit to Iceland, and having enjoyed my second whale watching trip out on one of the Elding fleet of boats, I am heartened to read this article from IFAW suggesting that – slowly, very slowly, and some might say far too slowly – the tide is turning against whaling in Iceland. Reykjavik’s mayor already supports a ban on whaling.

Tourism is now Iceland’s number one industry (gods help it) and it is tourists who primarily eat whale meat and therefore prop up the whaling industry in Iceland. Whilst in the country, I overheard one tourist (Japanese) tell another he’d had whale meat the night before, “It was good – tastes just like tuna.” It is enough to make you despair when you hear such a conversation. Apparently, Brits and Germans are commonly seen to try whale meat in Iceland.

IFAW and others are doing a great job with their campaigns in and around Reykjavik. I learnt from Megan Whittaker (MSc Marine Biology and Elding whale watching head guide) that the whale watching industry is suffering from a lack of sightings of cetaceans in Iceland’s waters and the whaling industry may well be to blame. The two are clearly not mutually sustainable, despite the whaling industry claiming otherwise (they would).

I would be interested to know the numbers/percentages of tourists who currently buy whale meat whilst in Iceland. With a residential population of 330,000 people and an influx of over a million people each year via tourism, tourists clearly have the potential to either make or break whaling in Iceland. Knowing and changing those numbers of tourists buying whale meat would seem to be a key to finally ending whaling in Iceland.

Additionally, we must stop making cetaceans scapegoats for our own horrifyingly unsustainable levels of overfishing resulting in depleted fish stocks throughout the world’s oceans. Whales have far more reason and right to exist within ocean ecosystems, performing vital functions within those ecosystems and filling an ecological niche that humans certainly do not. Without whales, our oceans will be deeply unhealthy and will ironically contain far fewer fish (for a fun thing to do, look up whale poo and its function).

We need whales. The oceans need whales. Countries such as Japan, Norway and Iceland would do well to digest the scientific evidence for healthy whale populations and immediately stop killing these incredible mammals of the sea. If they do not, human greed and ignorance will be the downfall of us all.

JAZA reinstated in world body after suspension over Taiji dolphins | The Japan Times

This has been a very long time coming. Why did it take WAZA so long? So many petitions, letters, tweets, phone calls, emails… They finally came to their senses (ish) and listened! Will this be the end of Taiji? #shutdowntaiji

Taiji is an evil place where evil people do evil, unspeakable things to highly intelligent, beautiful dolphins and small whales. The fishermen’s union of Taiji, Wakayama, Japan is populated by criminals who have been happily brutalising and slaughtering these mammals for over four decades, growing rich off tortured and traumatised young dolphins sold to Japan’s ever-growing captive cetacean market, along with the slimy middle men who broker and trade in these innocents. These people – people JAZA allowed to continue in their violent, destructive, greedy deeds for so long – are criminals. When will they be punished for the many thousands of dolphins they have slaughtered?

No aquariums quit industry body over ban on Taiji dolphins | The Japan Times

After the momentous and much-longed-for decision by WAZA, and after countless protests and petitions, letters, emails, etc carried out by Taiji activists worldwide (myself included), JAZA now has the sticky problem of how to disentangle itself from the immoral yet lucrative trade in brutalised and traumatised Taiji dolphins.

There is no ethical argument for Taiji to remain open for business; shut Taiji down. We have fought for it and helped expose the horrors of the Taiji drive hunts for some years. An end to the horrors of Taiji may finally be in sight.