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We Need to Stop Eating the Oceans

Exposing the Big Game

Yana Rusinovich Watson

by Captain Paul Watson

For centuries, the oceans have fed humanity. But in the last century, humans has destroyed oceanic eco-systems with an ecological ignorance that is insane.

The fisherman has now become one of the most ecologically destructive occupations on the planet. It’s time to put aside the outdated image of the hardy, independent, and hard-working fisherman working courageously to feed society and support his family.
No longer does the typical fishermen go to sea in dories with lines and small nets. Today’s industrial fishermen operate multi-million dollar vessels equipped with complex and expensive technological gear designed to hunt down and catch every fish they can find.

One manufacturer of electronic fish locators (Rayethon) even boasts that with their product, “the fish can run but they can’t hide.
And for the fish, there is no safe place as poachers hunt them down mercilessly, even in marine…

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Western diet is ‘incompatible’ with targets to avoid climate disaster

Western diet is ‘incompatible’ with targets to avoid climate disaster.

How many more reports like this do we need before the general human populace (and TV chefs!) take note and stop consuming death?

Don’t let orcas be dammed

Please sign this Whale & Dolphin Conservation petition.

Don’t let orcas be dammed.