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BBC News – India’s dying mother

A fascinating piece on the river Ganges in India and the varying ways in which it has become one of the most polluted rivers on the planet. Leather tanneries are a prime cause of carcinogens and rotting animal matter polluting the Ganges, along with human sewage and burnt, rotting human bodies.

Despite all of the vile toxins put into the river, and the horrifying amount of water taken out of the water table, Ganges river dolphins tentatively remain in smaller and smaller numbers in the great river. I truly hope that India can clean up its vital life source. Shutting down its entire leather industry would be a great start. What a disservice we do to animals and the planet in so many perverse ways.


World’s First Plastic Fishing Company Wants to Rid the Oceans of Plastic Pollution

Epic idea!

Turtles suffer ‘Floater Syndrome’ when they ingest plastic – Telegraph

Turtles suffering ‘floater syndrome’, caused by ingesting plastics in the ocean. We have created a ticking time bomb in everything plastic.

Anyone with half a brain could see this happening 40 years ago. I remember as a very young kid thinking that plastics were a disaster and wondering at the insanity of humans throwing away something that doesn’t degrade. A child could use logic to see the stupidity of creating a plastic disposable world. Why couldn’t governments? Where did we think it would go? Why did we allow this to happen?!

Indonesia faces waste management crisis – BBC News

10,000 tonnes of rubbish a day in this area of the world alone. Plastic litters the rivers and kills off marine life everywhere it lands.

Consumerism is a dirty word as far as I’m concerned. Too many people, too much rubbish! We are consuming ourselves out of a home with plastic junk that no one needs and tonnes of wasted food. The world has gone crazy.

Only 4 percent of the ocean is protected: UBC research | EurekAlert! Science News

With just 4% of the world’s oceans classified as protected, it seems there is a lot of conservation work to do. Not just conservation work out in the field, but amongst governments and in changing laws and creating acts and bills to protect precious marine habitats.

California bans microbeads to protect marine life | Environment | The Guardian

California state has implemented a phase out of plastic micro beads in toiletries by 2020. Perhaps all states and, indeed, all countries should now be thinking along the same lines?

Plastic oceans: What do we know? – BBC News

I watch representatives of the plastics industry justify plastic production and wonder if they really believe the facts and figures they regurgitate. Look at the research showing the damage plastics are doing to our oceans, and their route into our bodies. I believe we need to stop producing plastics – they are a blight on our planet.