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Jane Goodall: SeaWorld ‘should be closed down’ April 28

$eaworld’s response was that Jane Goodall may not be up-to-date on the latest cetacean research. Haha! Whaaat? The woman has devoted her life to wildlife conservation and education. She has more knowledge of zoological issues and conservation in her little finger than any CEO of $eaworld could dream of.

Seriously, $eaworld gets more and more ignorant and arrogant as an entity every day! Those profits must be large for them to cling onto the lies and subterfuge so very tightly.


Water Wars in California: Factory Farms Draining the State Dry

Forget almonds, tomatoes, strawberries and oranges… There’s one much bigger factor in the terrifying water shortages California is now experiencing: factory farming.

Is the end of ‘house of horror’ bear bile factories in sight? | Environment | The Guardian

A wonderful, positive piece on the possible end to the vile and utterly unacceptable practice of bear bile farming in Asia. Bears are spectacular animals; all the world’s animals deserve freedom from such horrors at human hands.

‘This is not right’: Former SeaWorld trainer recalls killer whale treatment | Environment | The Guardian

Fascinating article and interview with former Seaworld trainer John Hargrove on the wrongs and wrongs of orca captivity. Seaworld, you’re still going down.