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Extreme Weather Events and Climate Change: NOAA and AMS Issue Annual Report | PLOS Ecology Community

“Without exception, all the heat-related events studied in this year’s report were found to have been made more intense or likely due to human-induced climate change, and this was discernible even for those events strongly influenced by the 2015 El Niño.” — from Explaining Extreme Events From A Climate Perspective 2015″


Turtles suffer ‘Floater Syndrome’ when they ingest plastic – Telegraph

Turtles suffering ‘floater syndrome’, caused by ingesting plastics in the ocean. We have created a ticking time bomb in everything plastic.

Anyone with half a brain could see this happening 40 years ago. I remember as a very young kid thinking that plastics were a disaster and wondering at the insanity of humans throwing away something that doesn’t degrade. A child could use logic to see the stupidity of creating a plastic disposable world. Why couldn’t governments? Where did we think it would go? Why did we allow this to happen?!

Watch “Animal Rights.” on YouTube

Speech by Philip Wollen. Art by Jo Frederiks.

Are you vegan yet?

The Tide May Be Turning On Climate Change

Written by our own Captain Paul Watson of Sea Shepherd. Great to see the Dodo have published.

Europe – Interpol highlights crimes against the environment ahead of COP21 – France 24

Environmental crimes need to be taken far, far more seriously. The time is now. From poaching to destruction of pristine forests to redwood harvesting to ivory to trawlers fishing away entire swathes of ocean to dumping toxic waste to river pollution to dolphin hunts… It’s time to take this sh*t seriously.

China, you’re first on the list!