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Japan rejects international court jurisidiction over whaling |

Disappointing, Japan. Very disappointing!


NASA Video Reveals How 35 Years of Trash Turned Into Ocean Garbage Patches | TakePart

Terrifying. Why why why why why are we still creating plastics and why are we not cleaning our messes up?!

Sea Shepherd Global – Amazing Operation in the Red Sea

I’m proud to be a Sea Shepherd onshore volunteer. Sea Shepherd are one of a small handful of truly proactive conservation organisations in the world, prepared to go to almost any lengths to defend, conserve and protect wildlife and our precious planet. They are the biggest and the best at what they do.

The Girl Who Broke ‘The Cove’ Story | adventure journal

Amazing background article on one woman’s activism and determination to tell the truth about Taiji’s bloody, brutal and corrupt dolphin killing cove, which lead to the award-winning film ‘The Cove’ being made. Thank you Brooke McDonald (and Sea Shepherd).

The fight to shut down Taiji’s bloody dolphin kidnap trade, and cover up dolphin slaughter continues.