About Dragon Mother

North Londoner, living somewhere mostly rural and pretty in the UK. I’m RHS horticulture trained, so I know a bit about plants. Studying for a BSc degree in Zoology with Film studies. Also aiming to complete an English degree, in time. I like to walk my dog.

I’m a mother, a friend, an idealist… I’m compassionate and always seem to be on the side of the underdog. We live in a world full of people doing crappy things – and the more you open your eyes, the more you will see it. I’m disillusioned and disturbed by the fact that most humans prefer to live with blinkers firmly on (and someone else telling them how to live), rather than take responsibility and be in control of their own choices and actions. There is so much injustice – it’s time to wake up and see it.

Vegetarian since eleven years old, finally switched to a blissful vegan life a few years ago. The choice was simple, easy, and the right choice – even from a child’s perspective, I could see it. I’m deeply concerned and disturbed by most humans’ attitude towards the rest of the animal kingdom and its place on their food plate. I believe all life is equal and precious, and we should function as part of a natural, healthy cycle of life, not maintain a monstrous, hellish industry that brutalises, tortures and inflicts endless misery and suffering on our fellow animals just because we labelled them “meat”. We have no right to turn animals into commodities. We have no right to presume we know better than evolution, and presume to control animal (predator) populations according to our needs and wishes. We have no right to remove swathes of pristine, ancient forest to put cows on it. We have no right to litter the oceans, use up valuable water resources, build houses everywhere and anywhere, or indeed to completely disrupt entire habitats, ecosystems and, even, an entire climate system. What we’re doing is ludicrous and nonsensical. It’s time to stop.

There are too many of us to continue to live as we do, ravaging our planet and every living thing on it. There are alternative, better ways. We can live happily and healthily without causing suffering. Why wouldn’t we? It’s time to live in a peaceful way.

Thanks for reading.

Dragon Mother.


3 responses to “About Dragon Mother”

  1. Emy Will says :

    Hi. It is so good to connect with another person who cares about the wellbeing of other species.

    Thank you for following my blog, Fur Out The Closet and I look forward to reading more of your posts.
    Best wishes,

    Emy ❤

  2. teganthevegan says :

    Hi Clare,

    Just popping by to let you know that I’ve nominated you for the Very Inspiring Blogger Award!


    You’re speaking for those with no voice, and I think that’s pretty inspiring.



    • Obscure Thing says :

      Thank you! I had no idea such a thing existed. So happy to know I’m reaching a few people to open more eyes and ears to cruelty and to a love of animals and the natural world. 🙂

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